Palmstar Poppy (2008)

Words & Music by David Paul Jones
Recorded live @ Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 16 Feb 2008
Sound Engineering by Alan Bryden

Cover Art by Niall Walker

A seafarer boards his ship, the Palmstar Poppy, in search of the legendary land of Woop-Woop, a wonderland believed to exist somewhere beneath the great oceans.

His voyage is sparked by a voice heard in his dreams inviting him to sail south to Wishsong Bay, where he is to follow the sun and look for the place where the last rains of Woop-Woop fall.

The seafarer recalls the fateful midnight voyage of his lover who disappeared whilst fishing for shooting stars to illuminate the mountain caves where they would meet later that night. His lover never returned. And from that night on, the sun, moon and stars never appeared again, leaving behind an eternity of impenetrable darkness.  

In memory of his lover, his every source of light, forever lost at sea, he built a ship and named her Palmstar Poppy, hoping one day to charter the gloom of the great dark oceans…

Palmstar Poppy is a sea-faring song collection originally scored for voice and piano. The work is currently being orchestrated for strings and harp for live performances in the near future.