Alongside my work as a professional composer and musician, I run a music tuition practice from my home studio in Leith, Edinburgh.

Tuition and services are available in:

  • piano

  • singing

  • music theory

  • composition and sound design

  • audition prep for theatre artists

All ages and levels are welcomed. I currently have a collective of students in all subjects ranging from beginners to advanced levels with an age range of 5 years old upwards and including mature adult learners.

Lessons are provided in a safe and comfortable home studio and are tailored to each student's interests and abilities. While some of my students follow a graded exam route, many of them attend lessons simply for the joy of making and learning music in a variety of different styles.

I hold a BA (Music Performance) Degree and two Postgraduate Diplomas in Piano and Composition from the University of Glasgow and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have been providing tuition to students for over 25 years.

You can find a full account of my work as a composer and musician here.

For further information, please email me: